Deployments Simplified

Problem Statement

The absence of a streamlined deployment solution hinders operational efficiency, causing delays, complexities, and increased resource allocation in managing infrastructure for organizations. The needs in most of the organizations is to streamline infrastructure management by automating deployment processes through code, ensuring consistency, scalability, and reducing the risk of errors, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and agility.


  • Manual errors in configuration settings
  • Inconsistent deployments across environments
  • Slower and less scalable infrastructure processes
  • Difficulty in tracking and auditing changes
  • Limited collaboration among teams without version control
  • Increased risk of security vulnerabilities and compliance issues
  • Hindered efficiency and agility in adapting to changing business needs.

Solution - HexaCube

Deployments Simplified

HexaCube is one click deployment terraform suite to convert a use case to deployed Architecture.Taking into account the requirements from the customer, understanding the challenges faced by them and anticipating their future needs, HexaCube delivers a world class structured and cohesive architecture.

Architectural Design

Use Case

Thoroughly analyze and comprehend the client's use case, highlighting their objectives and challenges.


The essential components and services required, such as VPC, subnets, routing and instance deployments are identified and outlined.


Develop a detailed plan that maps out the relationships of the identified components, ensuring a structured and cohesive architecture


Prioritize scalability and flexibility in the design, aiming for a solution that can adapt to the client's evolving needs and future expansions.

Terraform Scripts

Terraform : HexaCube uses Terraform, which is a powerful IAC tool for creating, managing, and provisioning cloud resources. It allows to define the entire architecture in code, ensuring consistency, repeatability, and ease of management.

Architecture Creation : Includes, but not limited to, setting up Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), creating subnets, configuring route tables, deploying instances, and orchestrating other essential cloud services.

Script Commands : The Terraform scripts Hexacube offers encompass clear instructions on resource configurations, dependencies, and relationships, allowing for consistent and reliable infrastructure deployments.

Visual Aid : Illustrations are used to demonstrate the simplicity and effectiveness of using Terraform scripts in setting up complex cloud architectures.

Benefits of Using Terraform Scripts

Cloud Deployment with Terraform

Client Centric Solution

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